kitchen appliances

Essential Kitchen Appliances you must own

The kitchen is part of a house which is specially designed to make food and delicious dishes. To fill an empty tummy food is important as food is the basic need of an individual. Food energizes the body system and make it function. So to make food, modern kitchen has adopted the technology for making food easily and fast. Nowadays every modern kitchen has appliances that make food in just in minutes. Kitchen appliances had made everything easy and it’s less time to consume. Here are some of the useful and handy gadgets that you must have in your kitchen too.

kitchen appliances


microwave oven

The microwave oven was first introduced in 1955 by Tappan. The microwave oven is commonly used to reheat the food. It’s an electrical device which is used to cook food as well. The microwave oven is also used to heat foodstuffs that are prepared slowly, which can easily burn or turn lumpy when cooked in conventional pans, such as, chocolate or porridge, hot butter, fats. It quickly heats the food with its electromaginify light rays. Its instantly can make any food within minutes.


best ice shaver

Ice Shaver Machine or Snow Cone Maker Machine is used to making ice candy or ice candy recipes. Ice Shaver Machine is available in two variants. One is the Electric Machine & Other which works manually. Ice Shaver Machine is used to crush snow or ice. This Machine is so easy to handle & it makes ice candy within a minute. Having a best ice shaver machine at your home is a bliss in summers when you can make icy treats for your family and kids. 



Blenders are also called as liquidizers. It’s an appliance used to make a fine paste or mixture. Blenders also consist of different accessories such as coffee grinders, jars, ice cream maker, etc. It has a rotating metal blade at its bottom so the food gets finely chopped and mixed. It’s an electric device and works on an electric motor. It blends food so well and quickly.


hand blender

Hand blender was first invented by  Roger Perrinjaquet who patented the idea on March 6 in Switzerland. Hand blender also works as same as the blenders do. The hand blender is called by so many names, it’s also called as, immersion blender,  stick blender,  wand blender, etc. This blender works on electricity. This blender is so handy and portable takes less space. Hand blenders are used to blend the food easily quickly.


water purifier

Water purifiers are the most important gadget everyone must own in their kitchen. Because impure water can make you ill and, cause diseases. Water purifiers purify the water by removing the impurities, chemicals, biological contaminants, and harmful gases from water and make it pure for drinking purposes. Nowadays water purifiers are made for a variety of purposes that fulfills the needs of pharmacological, medical, chemical and other applications. Purifiers use our time and it’s safer rather than using the boiling water for drinking purposes. Water purifiers reduce the concentration level of harmful bacteria, algae, parasites and leads which found on normal basis.


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