About us

The Hibernia Times is Ireland’s web-connected newspaper, covering local, national and global news and events. It is for the new generation of news consumers who demand quality news and information via the medium of the internet.

Our maxim Today’s News – Today is rooted in the desire for instant information that is the hallmark of our era, in which for many, the stories that appear in printed newspapers are already old news by the time they are on the news stands.

The internet, now 40 years old but having only really got going in less than half that time, is an immensely powerful tool available to anyone with a computer or mobile phone. This extraordinary medium is not only connecting people around the globe in a fashion never before imagined; it is literally helping to alter the political makeup of entire countries. As broadband internet becomes ever-faster and access to it a fundamental right, news and ideas zip around the world instantaneously.

The Hibernia Times’ content is a blend of in-house journalism, news-agency reports and aggregation, necessary to capture some of the best news and opinion elsewhere on the web.

The Hibernia Times’ editorial policy is to always be fair, impartial and balanced in news coverage.

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